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Greenbrier Academy Featured Articles

How to Help Your Defiant Teenage Daughter

Parenting a daughter through her defiant teenage years can be overwhelming and confusing. While your teen is becoming an individual and learning about herself, she may begin to test the boundaries of familial relationships and rules. In this BLOG learn:

  • How to distinguish disrespect and defiance from normal teenage behavior
  • How you can help your defiant teen daughter
  • How to listen without judgement to improve conversation outcomes
  • When to be assertive in setting boundaries
  • Above all: effective ways to show your daughter unconditional love

Programs like those offered at Greenbrier Academy can offer a safe haven for both parents and their defiant daughters. While it may be difficult to be apart, positive peer influence coupled with college prep academics and professional therapy will set your teen on a path to hope and healing. And we promise, there is hope. If you are worried about your teenage daughter and would like to discuss possible help, call Greenbrier at 866-788-8422.

Best Therapeutic Activities for Youth

With the overwhelming popularity and influence of social media and online gaming, we are seeing a huge spike in social anxiety, depression and self-harming behaviors. More than ever before, teens are feeling pressured at every turn to look and act “perfect”, excel academically and conform to an unachievable image dictated by the media. Understandably, teens across the globe are struggling to cope. Some of the signs your teen is not coping well and developing mental health issues include:

  • Struggling to get out of bed or leave their room
  • Isolating from friends and family
  • Refusing to go to school
  • Threatening or engaging in self-harm (in the present or past)
  • Feeling a general sense of hopelessness about life
  • Expression no motivation to do school or extracurricular activities

In this BLOG, learn how Greenbrier Acdemy’s therapeutic programs can benefit your daughter struggling with mental health issues. For instance, our music therapy program has been scientifically proven to provide relief from anxiety and have a huge impact on overall mental health. Our equine therapy program encourages teens to have a desire to connect and have empathy for others. Community outings and service programs give teens the ability to become leaders who care for those around them. Every program at Greenbrier is overseen by our professional staff and counselors. We want you daughter to heal and find joy in life. If your daughter is suffering from a mental illness, we can help. Call Greenbrier today at 866-788-8422!

Positive Peer Support at a Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls

In the complex experience of being a teenage girl today, we all know peer support can be life changing. Whether from a close friend, a group of friends, social media or any other way, positive peer support is closely tied to feelings of acceptance and worth. Teenagers can have huge impacts in the lives of other teens; good or bad. Peer pressure is ever-present in today’s society of social media and unknown faces behind a keyboard. Positive peer pressure and influence can have the following impact:

  • Promote positive self esteem
  • Improve decision making skills
  • Reduce the risk of depression
  • Cultivate a positive outlook on life
  • Give her hope and meaning to life

At Greenbrier, we cultivate and encourage a student culture of positive peer support. Like it or not, the people we choose to surround ourselves with can impact our lives for the better or worse, especially during the teenage years. Greenbrier teaches positive communication skills and healthy peer relationships through experiential opportunities and sophisticated curriculum. Each aspect of our program is guided by professional counselors and therapists, encouraging and modeling healthy relationships. If you daughter is suffering from unhealthy peer relationships, we can help. Call Greenbrier at 866-788-8422!


Four Ways International Service Can Help with Academic Success

Giving and receiving help from others can have a huge impact on mental health and behavior issues in teens. It is said that, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. Mental health issues can impact every aspect of our lives such as school performance, extracurricular activities, peer and familial relationships, physical health and self esteem. For help with behavioral issues, ADHD, depression or other problems, international service opportunities can help provide your daughter with a community context that will weave MEANING back into her life, motivating her to engage in new ways academically. How can international service help?

    • Experiential Academics: At Greenbrier, we take a relational approach in our academic philosophy. We believe every student can develop into global citizens and interact positively with the world. International opportunities help them to become curious about the world around them and have the desire for lifelong learning.


  • Community Learning: Working one-on-one in a community setting will give your daughter the ability to positively impact the world and community in which she lives. She will learn first hand how her talents and abilities can make a difference in the world.
  • Global Awareness: Once students realize they are part of an interconnected society, where they personally can make a difference, it’s a game changer! Dreams then become reality. International service trips provide for an expanded vision through differing cultures, customs, races and resources. Service becomes more than a chore, they learn to love and serve others. This is key to self worth and healing.


If your teen is struggling with behavioral, academic or mental health issues, Greenbrier Academy for Girls can help. Call today at 866-788-8422!

Anxiety and Depression in Teen Girls: How to Preserve Her Future

At Greenbrier, we work to help heal each teen that walks through our doors; often they are in a suffering from hopelessness and loss of meaning in their lives. With positive relationships from peers and dedicated mentors, students are able to find meaning and hope. We have found certain activities to be especially beneficial to feelings of anxiety and depression, which are common symptoms of believing that life has no purpose.

Some of those activities include:

  • Exercise
  • Equine Therapy
  • Sports Activities
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy

Learn how these and other activities can improve the anxiety and depression your daughter faces. Backed by real physiological changes, these activities can become part of your daughter’s coping strategies and can be learned habits for her to reach for on a regular basis. If you feel your daughter could benefit from the guidance and direction provided by our therapeutic college preparatory boarding school, call today at 866-788-8422.

Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders: Help for Teen Girls

Teen girls go through many changes and phases trying to find their own way and where they fit in the world. Some eating changes are a normal part of this process, however, when should you become concerned that your teen may have disordered eating patterns? In this BLOG, we will discuss some of the signs your teen daughter may have an eating disorder, which are:

  • Self harm
  • Sudden weight loss and extreme weight fluctuations
  • Changes in eating behavior
  • Visiting the bathroom right after a meal
  • Fear of certain foods

There are many mental and emotional consequences and serious medical side effects as a result of eating disorders. Our children are being influenced by social media and peers and often have an unhealthy need to look and act perfect because of the messages they internalize from these sources. Perfectionism isn’t healthy and has far reaching consequences. If your daughter has an unhealthy obsession with weight or her looks, she may have a disorder known as body dysmorphia. Does she go to extremes in her dieting or food restrictions? Disordered eating patterns can turn into an eating disorder that needs immediate and professional attention. If your daughter is suffering from disordered eating or potentially an eating disorders, we can help. Call Greenbrier at 866-788-8422.

4 Months to Get Your Teen’s Life Back on Track

Therapeutic boarding schools provide a fully immersive therapeutic experience alongside college prep academics designed to prepare your daughter for college courses. Teens with emotional, behavioral or addiction issues thrive in our structured and engaging programs. Here are some questions to consider as you search for help for your teen:

  • Is she struggling academically?
  • Does she struggle with healthy friend choices?
  • Are you concerned about her future?
  • Do you worry about your daughter’s mental health?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are that these issues are linked to other challenging behaviors. Getting your teen back on track may seem overwhelming and insurmountable, however, we’re here as a hopeful reminder to you that all hope is not lost. At Greenbrier we prioritize smaller class sizes, world class one-on-one therapeutics and supportive peer relationships. We offer a unique 4 Month Semester Forward Program designed for families who may not have the resources or need for a 12 month enrollment contract. If you’re worried about your daughter, call us at 866-788-8422.

How Yoga and Meditation Help Teen Girls with Anxiety

Did you know that approximately 32% of teens have an anxiety disorder, including generalized anxiety, social anxiety, agoraphobia, and panic disorders? Symptoms of these issues can have lifelong emotional, behavioral and social impacts. Easily accessible with profound benefits, yoga has been proven highly effective with anxiety disorders.

Some of the causes of anxiety can be:

  • Perfectionism and negative self talk
  • Social expectations
  • Lack of healthy, supportive friendships and mentors
  • Negative body image and self talk
  • Low self esteem

Yoga can provide teens new strategies for connecting with peers, building self confidence, quieting the mind and moving stagnant emotional energy. The release of endorphins during yoga also has physiological effects that help physical and mental health. Learn about the research behind therapeutic yoga and its effects on the body. Yoga is one of the many therapeutic activities available to young women at Greenbrier Academy and one they can use to combat their anxiety for years to come. If your daughter suffers from an anxiety disorder, call Greenbrier at 866-788-8422.

Signs of Use, Abuse and Addiction in Your Teenager

Have you noticed changes in your daughter’s behavior, her friends, grades, attitude or physical appearance? While this could be totally normal behavior and nothing to be concerned about, it could also signify an addiction issue. In this BLOG learn:

  • Teen drug use statistics and associated risks
  • Signs of drug abuse: Physical, behavioral, habits and school
  • How you can address drug abuse in your teen

Communication is crucial to establish between you and your daughter. At Greenbrier, we facilitate healthy relationships & communication between family members. Therapy supports positive peer support and healthy relationships. We believe that you daughter must understand why her behavior is so damaging to herself and her future goals in order for real change to take place. If you suspect your daughter has a drug or alcohol problem, her future may depend on getting the help she needs. Call Greenbrier at 866-788-8422.

Teens Who Self Harm: 5 Signs You Need Help

When your teen is self-harming if can be frightening and overwhelming. The unpredictability of her behavior can be debilitating. While it’s true that teens go through regular periods of ups and downs as their bodies and hormone levels fluctuate, there are certain behaviors that can signify an issue:

  • Eating patterns that resemble an eating disorder
  • Can’t get out of bed
  • Isolates from friends and family
  • Refuses to open up
  • Threatens self harm on a regular basis

Identity is a difficult issue for teens and can often lead to erratic behavior. Some children push away from parents and friends, while others demonstrate independence in other creative ways. However, there are some behaviors that can’t and shouldn’t go unnoticed. Drug and alcohol abuse, self harm, eating disorders and depression are serious mental health issues that need to be addressed through therapeutic intervention. If you notice any of the above behaviors in your teen daughter, call Greenbrier at 866-788-8422.

5 Ways a Therapeutic Boarding School Improves Academic Success for Anxious Teens

Is your daughter suffering from mental, behavioral or anxiety issues? The impact on her life, interactions and the life of your family is significant. According to a study, the impact on her academic success and high school graduation is often at risk. How does Greenbrier help these teens?

  • An effective therapeutic model
  • Smaller class sizes
  • College planning
  • Flexibility
  • Continued care after her time with us

At schools like Greenbrier, we focus on healing mind and body through sophisticated and engaging therapeutics and academics. We believe in continued care and in setting long term goals to protect and preserve her future. We work to build self confidence and use healthy peer relations to set teens on the road to healing and recovery. Is anxiety keeping your daughter from doing those things she loves, staying away from people she enjoys and moving forward towards a life of meaning and purpose? We can help. Call Greenbrier at 866-788-8422.


4 Things to Never Say to Your Teen

Feelings of insecurity can come in many forms, especially during the adolescent years. This can be a difficult issue to combat and one that can have long term implications for a teen’s future. If you have ever had a child that suffered from insecurity, you understand the pains we take to heal our teens and to do no further damage. This damage (often due to negative peer influence and the media) causes teens to make self destructive and questionable choices that can impact them for years. What can you as a parent do to combat these negative feelings in your daughter? Here are the top 4 things NEVER to say to your insecure teen:

  1. Denial of Negative Statements
  2. “You Need to Get Involved”
  3. “Your Sister Wasn’t Like This, Why are You?”
  4. “You’ll Get Over It”

According to Psychology Today, teen insecurities can last well into adulthood. Part of the problem is when problems like this arise, they are often accompanied by sleeping issues compounding the issue. At Greenbrier, we strive to give families the strategies necessary to help their teen daughters see their worth and develop a positive sense of self. Call today at 866-788-8422.

Are Your Teens Friends the Problem? How to Know What’s Going On Without Causing a Fight

Adolescence is a time of change and testing the waters of what is and isn’t acceptable. During this time of change, teens may try out new friendships and peer circles. Friends can and do significantly impact the lives and habits of teens. While you trust your daughter and her choices, you may not always trust the influence of her friends. Studies are showing this peer influence has a large effect on drug and alcohol usage.

How do you address this issue with your teen without creating conflict?  In this BLOG, learn the warning signs of negative peer pressure and what to look for in your teen. Also discussed are ways you can discuss these issues without fighting and pushing your teen away from you. Provide love and compassion but also establish boundaries for behavior and consequences when those boundaries are crossed. If you suspect your teen is struggling with drug and alcohol abuse or feel her friends are pushing her in that direction, Greenbrier can help. We have a highly dedicated, professional academic and therapeutic staff. Call 866-788-8422 today!

How to Determine the Right Therapy for Your Struggling Teen

Finding the best form of help for your struggling teen can be difficult and time consuming. If your teen is struggling with issues like:

  • Family conflict
  • Rebellion
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Risky behavior patterns
  • Self esteem issues

At Greenbrier, we firmly believe in the concept of Strong Rationality, which involves developing healthy relationships and communication with family, staff and peers. It also involves acknowledging past behavior and how it involved herself and others and forming positive learning experiences. We utilize one-on-one, group, music, equine and art therapy to provide and improve communication and foster a healing environment. Changing the way teens think and act toward themselves and others is the key to lasting healing. If you are concerned about your teen and are trying to decide the best program, give us a call 866-788-8422.


Why Greenbrier Academy is a Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls that Puts Family First

Most people mistakenly believe that a troubled teen is the cause of a dysfunctional family unit. While this may be the case in some instances, the majority of the time your teen is just a symptom of a broken family unit. As children grow into teens, parents are also growing and developing their skills and family rules. Family dynamics play a huge part in child development. Greenbrier is committed to helping the entire unit to health and healing.

At Greenbrier, we offer intensive workshops for parents to learn to communicate and provide healthy boundaries for their children. It is easy to treat those we love with anger. The workshops at Greenbrier offer a safe place for both children and parents to discuss hard topics under the supervision of our professional therapists.  We often see both parents and children express and communicate in ways that bring the whole family closer together. If you struggle with communication with your teen daughter, call 866-788-8422.