Greenbrier Academy For Girls

 Get Your Daughter’s Life Back on Track With Our Help

 A 4-Month Therapeutic Boarding School for High School Girls

Greenbrier is an accredited academic and therapeutic boarding high school and licensed non-acute treatment center serving young women ages 14-18.

We resolve non-acute anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, adoption/attachment, and body dysphoria dis-orders while offering outstanding academics due to our specialization as a school.

For 4 months, at the cost of $10,500 per month, your daughter can RECLAIM her future. This price includes three months of Integration Coaching at the completion of her time on campus.

Our students are prepared to successfully continue their journey when it’s time to go home because we’ve given them countless contexts to practice healthier patterns on campus.

We know how emotional and overwhelming this process can be. Your love for your child and commitment to her future may conflict with feelings of guilt and fear at the thought of asking for outside support.

If you’re thinking things like..

“Will she never forgive me if I send her away?”
“She’s doing better this week, maybe we can just forget what happened and keep her home…”
“No program will care for my daughter the way that we do.”
“I’m her parent. She needs me to make everything okay for her, otherwise I’ll lose her.”

You’re not alone!

Countless families have walked through our doors with similar challenges and doubts. You don’t have to be the perfect parent to deserve outside help! Thousands of families are on a similar emotional roller coaster with their own teenagers.

We’re here to work in partnership with you to protect and preserve her future. 

If You’re Asking Yourself These Questions:

  • What part of your daughter’s life are you most concerned about?
  • What part of her future seems to be most at risk?
  • What needs to be preserved and protected?
  • Is it physical, emotional, social, academic, or a combination?

Then Greenbrier Might Be Able To Help

Remember, you don’t have to be the perfect parent to deserve a helping hand.
Give us a call today.

Greenbrier Academy Accreditations & Affiliations

Making the decision to send your daughter to a therapeutic boarding school can bring up feelings of confusion, vulnerability and sometimes guilt. Whether your teenage daughter is struggling with poor behavioral choices, defiance, academic difficulties, childhood trauma or substance abuse issues, a therapeutic boarding school will give your daughter the structural and therapeutic support necessary to reclaim the future she may have previously been throwing away. Greenbrier Academy for girls offers a rigorous academic program, small class sizes, and highly sophisticated therapeutic support. Our on-site learning specialist will guide and direct your daughter’s academic plan to specifically target her needs. Our Directors and staff have been working together for decades and are deeply invested in your daughter and her success. Together, we can help your troubled teen stay on track to graduate high school. Through our therapeutic model Strong Relationality, we focus on improving each young woman’s ability to develop healthy relationships with self and others.

Hundreds of families have come through our doors worried about their teenage daughter’s future. Choosing Greenbrier Academy for Girls will be the best, most effective step you can take toward preserving your daughter’s future. Are you looking for a program that will assist you as a family to provide your daughter appropriate support and structure that she isn’t able to receive at home? You’re in the right place. We offer assisted equine therapy, music therapy, animal therapy programs and therapeutic drumming; all of which support and reinforce breakthroughs achieved in weekly therapy sessions. Often our experiential therapy programs offer something extra that traditional talk therapies can’t. Our all-inclusive therapy programs will once again instill meaning and hope in your teen daughter’s life. Call today for a campus tour or to reserve a space for your child at 877-788-8422.

With treatment options becoming increasingly expensive, it’s difficult to find an affordable option to address their academic AND therapeutic needs. Perhaps our 4 Month Semester Forward Program is the best fit for your calendar, budget, and daughter’s specific struggles. This program was designed for those looking for a short term option due to budget or their daughter’s needs, AND you can reunite with you daughter in only 4 months. Reclaim her future in 4 months and get 3 months of Integration Coaching for continued care when she comes home. Through sophisticated therapeutic intervention coupled with college preparatory academics, your teen daughter will leave with the confidence and ability to change her life for the better. Included in our 4 Month Semester Forward Program with 3 months of Integrative Coaching will be:

  • Participation in the Young Women’s Healing Village Retreat
  • Therapeutic Drumming
  • Animal Therapy Programs
  • Family Programs~ Including Intensive Family Workshops and Parent Support Calls
  • Adventure & Service Outings
  • Individualized Tutoring
  • 3 Months of Integration Coaching
  • Opportunity to Earn a Full Semester of Academic Credit in 4 Months
    School of Horsemanship (Optional & an Additional Fee)

While not the ideal program for every teen’s specific needs, our therapeutic team will work closely with your family to help you find the perfect fit. Need longer than 4 months? You can extend your daughter’s stay on a month-to-month basis at the completion of her 4 month contract. We’re here to walk you through the process and make sure you’re making the best choice for your family. After all, this program can change the trajectory of your daughter’s life. Giving her the tools to overcome her negative behavior patterns will be the best investment you could ever make for her future.

When someone has experienced trauma or adversity in their past relationships with others, it may be easier for them to develop a relationship with a horse; who relates to them in the present moment. Experiential activities with horses help troubled teens move beyond the limiting belief system that they may have about themselves and their place in the world. Equine therapy naturally supports the Strong Relationality model that we embraced at Greenbrier Academy. Horses tend to read the body language of those around them, often gravitating toward specific people to offer calm and healing for those who need it. Similarly, our dog and cat programs offer health benefits, both mental and physical, that can’t be achieved through traditional talk therapies.

The following are some of the conditions and disorders that benefit from our Equine and animal therapy programs:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Addiction
  • Behavior Disorders
  • Mood Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • Negative Body Image
  • Grief/loss
  • Trauma
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Social Media Addiction
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder

At Greenbrier, every therapy session is overseen by a specialized therapist. Facilitating therapeutic exercises between your daughter and the program animals will provide our therapists with more therapeutic understanding to bolster her healing and therapeutic path. If your daughter struggles with any of the above mentioned disorders or conditions, Greenbrier can help. Greenbrier Academy offers an onsite tour of our beautiful campus, allowing you to witness the Greenbrier difference firsthand. Come visit to get a peek into daily classes, check out our therapeutic equine program and chat with our professional staff. Call today at 877-788-8422 to schedule your private tour of Greenbrier Academy for Girls.

At Greenbrier Academy, we believe learning and gaining an education is about more than attending classes. After all, it’s not uncommon for academic and clinical issues to be connected.
One thing is certain. Students who are refusing to go to school won’t succeed in a program where they’re handed a packet and expected to work through it, essentially on their own.

Our specialization as a school allows for a higher caliber of academic quality in our staff, curriculum, and academic flexibility. This gives Greenbrier the opportunity to tailor lessons to fit each student to address their academic and therapeutic needs. Our two overarching priorities in our therapeutic high school at Greenbrier Academy are:

  • To promote a love of learning. Has your daughter struggled to have any interest and involvement in her traditional educational classes? Hope is not lost. Our teachers are highly skilled at rekindling and structuring your daughter’s love of learning. With smaller class sizes, each teacher has the unique ability to provide students one on one time to learn concepts they may struggle with.
  • To promote critical thinking and foster the skills necessary to learn new things. We do this by combining cooperative learning with quantum techniques, giving students the ability to discern personal self worth from academic progress. Gaining success in educational abilities and knowledge will provide lifelong competency and confidence.

Each girl at Greenbrier receives individualized support from both a Learning Specialist and a specifically assigned Therapist. Our highly qualified teachers have certified teaching certificates, and many have gone on to earn more advanced degrees. Our therapeutic team is also heavily involved in supporting our student’s academic goals since mental health is closely linked to academic success.Through effective coordination of treatment teams, we remove the barriers that keep your daughter from being the best she can be. Call today for a campus tour or to reserve a space for your child at 877-788-8422.

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