Greenbrier Academy

A Unique Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls
in the Foothills of West Virginia

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Greenbrier Academy

is not a Typical Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls.

Greenbrier is an immersive program specifically designed to reestablish your daughter’s core beliefs. This is done through the collaborative effort of experiences, therapy, academics and a supportive community of sisterhood.

You may have tried personal therapy, wilderness programs or even a different residential treatment program only to find old patterns re-emerging after some time.

Greenbrier Academy takes an entirely different approach.

Every aspect of the Greenbrier program is designed to immerse your daughter in the therapeutic process. We are not a boarding school with a therapy program. We don’t teach then talk. Greenbrier IS the therapy program in and of itself.

The entire structure of where your daughter lives, the signature programs she experiences and the culture she interacts with is designed to break down deep-seated, false beliefs and reinforce a healthy identity.


Your daughter is going to be OK.

She will reconnect with your family and her peers at Greenbrier. Through those connections, she will become the woman she is meant to be.

“Everyone greeted me with open arms...I felt like I belonged in the community. I am tearing up just thinking about the magnificent and life-changing experiences I have gone through here. This place creates confident and powerful women that are ready to go out and change the world.”

- Anastasia, Former Student

Student at Greenbrier Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for girls
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Our Block
Semester Structure

Although Greenbrier accepts rolling admissions, your daughter’s time here is structured in to three distinct semesters. The first two semesters focus on identifying and examining the false beliefs that are the root of your daughter’s symptoms. The third semester reinforces her new core beliefs and prepares her for life outside of Greenbrier.

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Who is a greenbrier girl?

A Greenbrier girl is a prospective college student whose potential is thwarted by emotional barriers such as:

anxiety symptoms

various types of depression

body dysphoria

attachment issues, sometimes associated with adoption

social media addiction


Her present emotional disorders would not prevent her from basic boarding school and personal development activities. She is healthy enough to engage in adventure activities, local and international service trips, animal interactions and extracurricular activities.

Many of our students have been involved in some type of therapeutic environment such as private therapy, wilderness programs or residential treatment facilities. This is in no way a requirement to attend Greenbrier; we just tend to succeed where other programs fail to bring about real change for your daughter.

Greenbrier often attracts girls who enjoy creative expression through our fine arts program such as drawing, painting, ceramics, writing, and theater. Equestrian girls will thrive in our state of the art riding facility and Equine Therapy Program.