The Greenbrier


How Our Immersive, Connected Experience Brings About Real Change

How is Greenbrier different from other therapeutic boarding schools?

Put simply, Greenbrier Academy for Girls is unlike typical therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment programs.

Where other programs treat symptoms such as depression, anxiety or self-harm, Greenbrier targets treatment toward the actual root causes of these symptoms.

When your daughter acts out or becomes withdrawn, those are symptoms of false beliefs that have become embedded through intense emotional experiences. While those experiences may not have been an obvious trauma that she’s even aware of, they have distorted her self-perception and caused her to honestly believe thoughts such as;

“I am unlovable” or “I am defective”

Until those beliefs are resolved and corrected, your daughter will continue to suffer the emotional and behavioral symptoms they create.

Anxiety, depression, addiction, self-harm and body dysphoria are symptoms. Trusting false beliefs are the causes of those symptoms.

Greenbrier has designed a framework where community, academics, signature therapeutic programs and family healing collaborate and connect to deconstruct those false beliefs and shepherd your daughter toward deep, lasting change. Where other programs provide behavior modification therapy alongside academics, every aspect of our program is a part of our therapeutic model.



Greenbrier’s unique framework is centered around a therapeutic model called Relationality. In this model, relationships are the most fundamental aspect of reality and redefine the self as a part of a greater whole.

At Greenbrier, who your daughter has been, currently is, and the woman she will become will be observed, redefined and strengthened by challenging and examining her relationships in various contexts.

It all begins with the culture of our community and is developed and supported through our signature, academic and family healing programs.

Learn how each aspect supports your daughter’s healing.


At Greenbrier, your daughter will live in a constant state of forward therapeutic motion within a supportive community of her peers and advisors. There is no chance of “falling through the cracks” or being complacent in a community that practices and lives a connected, collaborative psychological model.


Experiences, in the form of our Signature Therapeutic Programs, provide the context to examine and support your daughter’s journey toward a healthy self-concept in relation to those around her. Old, unhealthy beliefs about herself are broken down, re-defined and reinforced in a systematic way.


Under the direction of your daughter’s Treatment Team, Greenbrier’s academic staff extend her personal therapeutic environment to the classroom while she re-engages her love of learning. Coupled with small class sizes and personal attention, Greenbrier’s COGNIAaccredited academic program has seen 98% of our graduates matriculate to college.


At Greenbrier, healing our students means healing families. With our Family Healing Program, we offer experiential opportunities to explore multi-generational patterns, work to improve your family’s ability to communicate and solidify strategies that allow your family to continue to heal long after graduation.