How We Bring Therapy to the Classroom

How does Greenbrier's  academic program fit in the greater therapeutic context?

Student participating in Greenbrier's Academic Program

For most students entering Greenbrier Academy, the emotional issues they face have affected their academics. Your daughter may struggle to pay attention in class, refuse to go to school or even lie about skipping school altogether. Often times, this truancy can cause her to fall behind.

Sometimes it takes an entirely new academic context and a team of trained professionals to break a student’s pattern of academic resistance. At Greenbrier, we have created a classroom environment where your daughter will be therapeutically engaged while enjoying COGNIA accredited college preparatory coursework.

As part of your daughter’s Treatment Team, her Academic Advisor ensures that your daughter’s personal therapeutic work is extended into the classroom. Because we understand that her aversion behaviors are symptoms of false beliefs she is holding on to, we find opportunity for therapeutic breakthroughs in her academic struggles and resistance.

With a staff to student ratio of 1:4, our small classes allow for individualized attention and concise communication within the Treatment Team. That is, your daughter’s academic advisor, therapist and residential mentors are always “in the know” about what is happening in the classroom. This allows us to maintain the classroom as a therapeutic environment where your daughter can reengage with her academic career.

“The school is an amazing facility where all the students were respectful to the team members, teachers and other staff. Its strong drumming and volunteering programming and arts strengthen the academics. A majority of the school’s graduates will attend college, a few at Ivy League Schools. This is in contrast to students having a lack of career goals prior to entering the facility. Greenbrier Academy of Girls is truly a rich, learning community.”

What does Greenbrier's academic program offer?

Greenbrier Academy offers a rich college preparatory curriculum as well as engaging courses in horsemanship, performance drumming and the arts.

We also have an Educational Specialist on staff to help prepare your daughter for the academic rigors of life beyond Greenbrier and guide her learning during her stay here.

Do Greenbrier graduates go onto college?


of Greenbrier Academy graduates move on to attend either a traditional, four-year college or a community college close to their home and family. Whatever they chose to do in their life after Greenbrier, our staff will guide them on the journey there.

Once there, our Integration Coaching team will provide the support they need to incorporate what they’ve built at Greenbrier out in to the “real world.”

Below are some of the colleges our Greenbrier Girls have matriculated to: