How Greenbrier Provides the Tools for Artistic Expression

What art programs are offered at Greenbrier Academy?

Art programs at Greenbrier Academy

At Greenbrier Academy, your daughter will be offered an integrated program of study in art theory and practice. She will explore the power of visual communication through the practical, hands-on learning of art production in a variety of media. She will have access to an advanced art studio, including a ceramics studio, during her stay here.

As an extension of our Art Therapy program, many of our past students have found the courses to be a wonderful outlet for expression. Over the years, Greenbrier girls have submitted their art to various local competitions to rave reviews and rewards.

Greenbrier offers the following courses as part of our Art Program:

Jewelry making program at Greenbrier Academy


This class explores the fundamentals of what it means to design and make jewelry. Using the elements of art and the principles of design as a basis for creating original works, your daughter will be asked to explore both their unique as well as understand cultural and historical influences. She will explore making wearable 3-dimensional art using a variety of materials such as seed beads, wire leather, metal and wood.


The function of this course is to help your daughter develop basic art skills and problem-solving techniques with an emphasis on 3-dimensional design. She will explore both traditional and non-traditional materials including paper mâché, plaster, clay, recycled materials, etc. Through exploration, self-assessment and incorporation of the elements of art and the principles of design, your daughter will create better composed, well executed pieces of art.

Sculpture program at Greenbrier Academy
Painting program at Greenbrier Academy


Painting class provides your daughter the necessities to create works of art using acrylic and oil paints, watercolor and gouache. She will have the opportunity to learn about historical painting masters as well as modern day artists, adopting styles ranging anywhere from classical to contemporary abstract art. Your daughter will engage in both individual and group critiques, identify and discuss influences on her work and develop goals for further self-exploration and technique development.


This class is designed to teach your daughter basic knowledge and skills in hand-built and wheel thrown ceramics. More emphasis will be placed on the craftsmanship and quality of the finished products as the year progresses. Functional as well as sculptural applications will be explored. Various glaze and decoration techniques for finishing work will be introduced. Your daughter may learn to load and fire an electric kiln to Cone 6.

Ceramics program at Greenbrier Academy
Drawing program at Greenbrier Academy


Drawing provides study in the basic elements and principles of art thorough a variety of techniques and media. Your daughter will be come familiar with pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, watercolor, and pastel. The class will pursue a full range of subject matter, focusing on the construction, arrangment, and shading of basic shapes in landscape drawing, still life, portrait and figure drawing, and perspective. A weekly sketchbook assignment provides your daughter the opportunity to experiment and practice at their own discretion. Time is also provided for individual projects of her choice.