How Discussion Teaches Empathy and Critical Thinking

What will my daughter gain from Debate Class?

Debate Class Greenbrier Academy for Girls

Greenbrier’s Debate class teaches students to engage in discussions effectively, productively and ethically. Your daughter will have the opportunity to practice multiple Aspirations as she engages her critical thinking skills, learns to use solid reasoning through evidence and gains the ability to critique opposing viewpoints courteously and empathetically.

At Greenbrier, one of our goals is to foster critical thinking and empathy for others and their beliefs. Your daughter will participate in weekly debates with her peers in a friendly and, at times, eye opening format. Each advisor coordinates the debates in their academic advisory group and the teaching staff holds schoolwide debates throughout the year to allow the students the chance to show off their newly cultivated skills in research, active listening, leadership and public speaking.

Every student is required to participate in Debate class as it provides a powerful forum to practice Aspirations while reinforcing critical thinking as the core element of our academic philosophy.