How a Centuries-Old Practice is Brought to Greenbrier

What does Greenbrier's Horsemanship elective offer?

School of Horsemanship at Greenbrier Academy for Girls

No matter her ability, your daughter will develop into a competent horsewoman and well-rounded equestrian through Greenbrier’s School of Horsemanship. She will be skilled and knowledgeable in multiple disciplines of riding while enjoying our indoor and outdoor riding facilities and a string of well-schooled horses.

Your daughter will be exposed to a general background in horsemanship including:

  • ∙ Management
  • ∙ Basic anatomy
  • ∙ Nutrition and health
  • ∙ Tack and Disciplines
  • ∙ Horse care
  • ∙ Safe handling practices
  • ∙ Training to improve riding skills

As Greenbrier’s School of Horsemanship is part of our Academic Program, your daughter will be graded on individual involvement, participation and teamwork as she earns academic credit.

For many students, our equine program is a continuation of their existing practice of horsemanship. For others, it serves as their introduction to horses and a lifelong love of these majestic animals.