How Greenbrier Supports Your Daughter’s Interests

What students clubs are offered at Greenbrier Academy?

Student Clubs at Greenbrier Academy

Greenbrier allows students to direct what clubs are active at any given time based on their interests. We have found that this approach allows students to connect through mutual interests or become a part of something new that they may have not considered before. The bonding that occurs as a result only strengthens our connected Greenbrier community.

Examples of past student-led clubs have included:

  • ∙ Yearbook
  • ∙ Poetry
  • ∙ Student Council
  • ∙ Foreign Language (French & Spanish)
  • ∙ Music Club
  • ∙ Photography

If your daughter enjoys a certain type of activity, let us know upon her admission. We may have an existing club for her to join or will support her in starting her own.