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4 month Semester Program

The Semester Forward Program: A Complete Therapeutic Program in 4 Months

Your daughter and family are unique. Finding the right fit for needs is our priority.

A full one year therapeutic boarding school enrollment may not match your calendar, budget, or your daughter’s therapeutic path. If so, the GBA Semester Forward Program may be a great choice for your family. This is an option that can’t be found elsewhere.





Start her healing journey on campus. Continue with her therapeutic plan at home.

4 Month Semester Forward program with 3 months of coaching is $39,960.00

4 weeks at our Village Retreat


Animal Programs

Family Program

Adventure & Service Outings on the Weekend

Individualized Tutoring

Three months of Integration Coaching

Opportunity to earn a full semester of academic credit

School of Horsemanship (Optional & An Additional Fee)

Our 4-Month Semester Forward Program is a concentrated and intense program with powerful therapeutic and academic benefits.

  • Are you looking for her next steps after a wilderness program?
  • Has she fallen behind academically?

A program that gives your daughter the opportunity to earn up to a semester’s worth of credit at the completion of four months with us.

We are with you every step of the way. 3 months of our Master’s Level Integration Coaching is included as she transitions home.

Girls who are interested in the semester forward program will be screened on a case-by-case basis; however, below is a list of characteristics that would benefit the most from this 4 month program:

  • Girls coming from wilderness.
  • Girls coming from a longer term program.
  • Girls who want to try a short term program rather than a long term program.
  • Girls who are experiencing body image issues.
  • Girls who have anxiety from bullying.
  • Girls who have symptoms related to trauma.
  • Girls who want to be at a therapeutic boarding school.
  • Girls who need to overcome fear and anxiety about their academics.
  • Girls who are in contentious conflict with parents.
  • Girls who have general anxiety or depression.

***The semester forward program is not right for every girl.  Our therapeutic team will work closely with you and your daughter to determine if the semester forward program is a right fit for her.***