Extended 5+ Month Enrollment

Some students come to us with multiple, complicated conflicts and self defeating patterns that may take longer than 4 months to resolve. GBA is flexible in determining if more time is needed after working with students for a couple of months.

Here are the potential benefits of an extended enrollment track:  




Life Changing

When your daughter spends 5+ months immersed in the Greenbrier Academy experience, she’s given the time it takes to solidify positive belief changes that were needed to move her away from negative, self defeating behavior patterns. It takes time and practice to make new habits stick. 

Our extended programming has that essential ingredient to ensure her success upon graduation: TIME.

TIME to practice…

Becoming an engaged student in the math class she’s skipped or avoided her entire high school career.


Building new friendships with other girls that hold her up when she’s feeling down.


Communicating with love and understanding during difficult conversations on her weekly family calls.


Because our program is specifically designed to facilitate lasting, deep level changes, here is an example for how our therapeutics work:  

Your daughter attends the Young Women’s Healing Village Retreat where therapeutic breakthroughs and deep level belief changes are often facilitated. At the end of that week, she has time to reinforce these positive changes in a variety of contexts back on campus.

“I am worthless” becomes “I am enough”

At the barn. In the classroom. On the phone with you. In a group or individual therapy session. At morning drumming group.

She attends an additional Young Women’s Healing Village, building on her progress from the previous Retreat.

Each positive belief change will become inculcated by the variety of contexts she’s able to make new choices that are informed by her new found truth.

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You want more than school and therapy to enrich your daughter’s daily life. She’ll have the opportunity to participate in these extracurricular activities:

  •  humanitarian service trips, both locally and internationally
  •  performance drumming groups
  •  equestrian competition in the School of Horsemanship
  •  animal rescue programs (cats and dogs)

5+ months gives her ample time to explore new interests and make lasting friendships with other girls who support her to succeed.

All students share a similar academic calendar.

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