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College Preparatory Academics

A successful therapeutic boarding school places equal emphasis on therapeutics and academic education.

Academic success isn’t a lost opportunity for your daughter.

Students come to GBA with plummeting grades, behind in their schoolwork. Families choose us because we’re uniquely equipped to prepare their daughter’s for college acceptance.

At Greenbrier Academy, your daughter will receive…

  • small classroom environment to help her focus
  • individualized support from a Learning Specialist and a specifically assigned Therapist
  • Curriculum that emphasises
  • critical thinking skills
  • hands on, experiential education

Does your daughter say things like this?

“I’m not smart”


“I just don’t get math”


“I hate learning”

Eliciting a change in these beliefs in therapy will give her subconscious permission to apply herself in her most challenging classes at a level she never believed she was capable.

“The most important thing to consider is that every child is different and has different needs. Greenbrier Academy gave my child the individual attention that she needed and created an individual plan for her growth that was right for her. Greenbrier Academy gave my child skills and  tools to navigate the world that she didn’t have before she went there and that she would not have received while living at home. My child’s therapist was amazing. She was compassionate and fair and patient and also held necessary boundaries. I learned so much from her personally. I also got to know some of the teachers who all seemed to be caring and committed professionals.”GBA Alumni Parent

Courses Offered


Algebra I
Algebra II
Business Mathematics

Physical Education

Physical Education

English Language Arts

English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12
English Portfolio


Environmental Science

Social Studies

Ancient World Studies

Modern World Studies

U.S. History


World Languages

Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III

Spanish IV

French I
French II

Fine Arts

Community African Drumming
Performance Group African Drumming
Jewelry design


Equine History, Science & Dressage

Balanced body and mind

College Prep

Literature Magazine