Meet Mike Beswick, LICSW, BCD
Greenbrier’s Clinical Director

Mike runs the Parent Programs, providing education and therapeutic support for your family as a whole, and allowing you to develop a relationship with an important person in your daughter’s life while she is at Greenbrier. In addition, he supervises and guides the rest of the therapists, facilitates case reviews, and provides support for the growth of the clinical team as a whole. 


No one can ever replace your role as parents. We admire your love and commitment to your daughter’s wellbeing. She is your daughter! Because you love her, you are retaining us to improve her emotional and physical wellbeing. Placing her outside your home is emotionally difficult for you.

Some parents feel guilty for not having all the answers or professional skills she needs. In doing so they unconsciously want to maintain control of how their daughter’s care is administered. Sometimes we observe this as shadowing or smothering. You chose us because of our professional competency. We feel the weight and responsibility of your trust.

Let us engage in open discussion with you about her treatment and activity at GBA. We need your collaboration, but you can hinder our efforts by trying to control or supersede our professional judgment. This anxious intervention is generally motivated by love and good intention. However, it can muddle and dilute our efforts. It can even undermine our effectiveness. We are not asking you to let go! However, we are asking for your trust and to defer to our professional judgment about her therapeutic status, treatment plans, and progress.

You are not alone on this journey.