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Integration Coaching Program


How can you support your daughter to make different decisions so that she might achieve the joyful life you’ve envisioned for her? That’s what our Integration Coaching is going to help you with.

So many parents are at a loss for words when they walk through our doors. We are here to help put the pieces back together.

Graduation from Greenbrier Academy’s Residential Program marks a huge step in a girl’s life. We recognize that your daughter’s treatment doesn’t end after going home. a new context will be added, at home or a new school, etc. and there they will be implementing and practicing all they have been working so hard towards. Their new truths, identity, beliefs, talents, mission, virtues, and vision. This is practice time in a new context with the support of GBA coaches who know the model they have been immersed in.

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It signifies a commitment to a hopeful future filled with meaning, purpose and wonderful relationships. There is so much a graduate has to be proud of. It is also a time when a student will need continued support.  Many, if not most, onsite experiences are done once you leave and are back to your ‘reality.’ You may feel great with the changes you made, and then suddenly realize you are now on your own. It is often difficult to transition back to the same place where negative patterns were formed, living again amidst the relationships, pressures, expectations, triggers, and sensory overload of everyday life.

The question that comes up for most people is: Now What?

Our Integration Coaching Program answers that question.
You need trustworthy, competent help to integrate your new dreams, changes, and expectations into everyday life. Without help, as “challenges arise,” you could be overwhelmed and tempted to return to old patterns. Our coaching program helps prevent that from happening.
You will have the support you need with people who know what you’ve been through at GBA. These individuals can speak to the experience and help you past those barriers, triggers, and challenges that come up as you implement the changes and healing you created for yourself.  While your still enrolled at Greenbrier Academy, you will work with your primary therapist and coach to create your integration plan.
Our Integration Coaching is an expansion of Greenbrier Academy- you take it with you.
This helps you stay connected with others from GBA and creates a new supportive network while maintaining virtuous relationships in your ‘world.’



Our coaching program helps you stay connected with others from GBA and creates a new supportive network while maintaining virtuous relationships in your ‘world’.

  • Nine (9) 45-minute individual/family coaching sessions
  • Three (3) 90-minute group coaching/mastermind call/once per month.
  • Three (3) 15-minute support calls during business hours
  • Email support
  • Exercises/Worksheets
  • Private Facebook Page