How We Guide Your Daughter to Lasting, Self-Motivated Change

What is Greenbrier's approach to one-on-one therapy?

One-on-One Therapy at Greenbrier

At Greenbrier Academy, your daughter’s one-on-one therapy sessions lay the groundwork for much of what she works through within the larger Greenbrier community. Here is where destructive, false beliefs are elicited and healthy, positive beliefs are encouraged as replacements. Once identified, this process of change is kindled through various contexts within our program. As these toxic beliefs are formed in the subconscious, a highly skilled therapist and a purposeful environment are necessary to elicit and truly change them.

Your daughter will meet weekly with her therapist for one-on-one sessions. The length of each session may vary depending on the focus of her therapy and what is planned for her that week.

While the therapeutic modalities used will vary depending on the student’s needs, our clinical team focuses on connecting emotions to memories, and memories to the beliefs formed during those past experiences. Essentially, we allow your daughter to self-identify her current belief system and the trauma from which it stems. As she is able to visit the problematic experiences objectively, we encourage her to discover the more accurate and healthy beliefs embedded in the past experience. These are explored and practiced within the larger Greenbrier community during her participation in our Signature Programs, Academic settings and interactions with her Family Unit.

This mode of therapy varies greatly from many of the behavioral-based therapies practiced by most therapeutic boarding schools. In those settings, an attempt is made to manipulate behavior with rewards and punishments. Their hope is the student will, eventually, be motivated to comply on her own. At Greenbrier, students truly are motivated to change their behavior once they replace their negative beliefs.

By guiding your daughter to examine the beliefs that cause her symptoms, our therapists can then set up experiences which challenge those beliefs and any resistance to replacing them within the Greenbrier community. The result is real, lasting, self-motivated change for your daughter.

As part of your daughter’s Treatment Team, her therapist ensures her Academic and Residential advisors are always up to date on her progress. In turn, all facilitators of our Signature Programs are advised by her Treatment Team to keep her experience at Greenbrier entirely cohesive.

I remember looking forward to our weekly family therapy calls because I could literally hear and sense change occurring on a week to week basis. However, I remained skeptical until she started coming home for planned breaks. It was amazing to see her seek a new friend group that more accurately reflected her new emerging identity. I remember thinking it was like she had aged five years in terms of her thinking and maturity.



Student at Greenbrier Academy