The best student outcomes involve the entire family system.

For many of our students, their negative behaviors patterns were their unconscious means of expressing a desire for some shift in family dynamics. Accordingly, we offer family intensives.

Each of these three-day workshops are powerful, experiential opportunities to:

  •   explore multi-generational patterns
  •   improve your family’s ability to communicate
  •   enhance closeness within the entire family
  •   solidify strategies that will allow your family to continue to grow and heal long after her graduation

These workshops have been developed to complement and seamlessly flow with the goals and objectives of each phase of your daughter’s journey at Greenbrier.

Your First Workshop

The first workshop allows parents to experience how their daughters are integrating the unique healing modalities that are utilized.

Through assignments, expressive therapies, storytelling and sculpting, parents are able to secure an understanding of how the relational model and the aspirations create the space for emotional healing. This seminar also takes parents through a journey of their own past, in an effort to identify and change generational legacies.

Following Workshops

This  is a time to take stock of your progress while identifying the goals and objectives that have yet to be accomplished. Students have developed an awareness of their old maladaptive patterns, and are actively developing strategies and solutions that are consistent with the true, authentic self that they have identified.

You will be guided into how to support the development of these emerging identities, and are able to begin the process of letting go of control and allowing your daughter to become much more self-governing. Individual sessions are also incorporated into this workshop to address specific sensitive and/or problematic areas.

Parents frequently remark that their involvement in the family workshops gave them a much better sense of their daughter’s treatment experience. It also provides the strategies and tools that will continue to support healthy family functioning, long after the time of leaving Greenbrier.

Many families also gain tremendously from becoming part of the GBA community and develop friendships with the other participants. They report a comfort in having a group of other parents to share in the successes, and challenges. Testimony to the power of the groups is reflected through the formation of alumni parent gatherings, where they can continue their own evolution as a parent