Art Therapy

How the Act of Creating Helps Process Difficult Emotions

How can creative expression help my daughter communicate difficult feelings?

Student in Art Therapy at Greenbrier Academy

Incorporated in a variety of contexts at Greenbrier, Art Therapy provides a way for your daughter to express and identify difficult emotions that circumvents the limitations of language. For decades, the use of various creative mediums has been used as a springboard for reawakening memories and telling stories that can reveal unconscious beliefs.

Your daughter will use creative techniques such as painting, drawing, sculpting and pottery to express herself and examine the undertones in her art. She and her Treatment Team will gain a deeper understanding of her feelings and behaviors by “decoding” the symbols and metaphors in her work. This allows her a different perspective of the false beliefs she may be holding on to.

Studies have shown great success of Art Therapy in the  treatment of:

∙ Anxiety

∙ Depression


∙ Emotional Difficulties

∙ Eating Disorders

∙ Substance Abuse

∙ Family or Relationship Problems

∙ Stress

Past Greenbrier Student Artwork