Balanced Body & Mind

How Body-Based Practices can Further Healing

Why is physical activity important to my daughter's healing?

Students practice Balanced Body & Mind at Greenbrier Academy

Greenbrier’s Balanced Body & Mind class is based on the research-based, world-renowned SPARK PE High School curriculum. It offers your daughter a chance to re-adjust emotional, mental and physical imbalances through exercise, breathing and mindful movement. She will learn how to set physical goals to strengthen her body as well as her resilience.

Physical exercise, itself, is proven to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. The distraction from negative cyclical thoughts as well as the endorphins released combine to produce a sense of well-being and connectedness that’s often as effective as medication.

Physical exercise has been known to:

∙ Decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety

∙ Decrease stress

∙ Increase self-confidence

∙ Improve quality of sleep

∙ Improve overall brain performance

At Greenbrier, your daughter is immersed in the therapeutic model throughout her day. Our Balanced Body & Mind class adds the much needed emotional/physical connection to reinforce her healing process.