How Horses Serve as a Mirror of Our Attitudes & Behaviors

How does interacting with horses help heal my daughter?

Equine Assisted Therapy at Greenbrier Academy

Greenbrier’s Equine Assisted Therapy offers an entirely new and unique experience for your daughter to explore any negative beliefs and actions.

Horses are highly intelligent and typically non-judgmental. Because of this, they are extremely effective at mirroring the attitudes and behaviors of the humans with whom they are working. While taking part in activities such as groundwork, grooming feeding, haltering and leading a horse, your daughter will receive an immediate reflection of her current state of mind.

Under the guidance of our licensed Equine Assisted Therapist, her interactions with the horses are used to lead discussion and processing both during and after the experience. Even the act of caring for these majestic animals, itself, provides a real-world experience of selflessness and outward concern.

Studies have indicated that equine assisted therapy is successful in helping students improve in the following areas:

∙ Assertiveness

∙ Emotional awareness

∙ Empathy

∙ Stress tolerance

∙ Flexibility

∙ Impulse control

∙ Problem-solving skills

∙ Self-actualization

∙ Independence

∙ Self-regard

∙ Social responsibility

∙ Interpersonal relationships