How a Village of Sisters Connect to Heal Each Other

What is Greenbrier's Healing Village?

Yurt at Greenbrier Academy's Healing Village Retreat

Of all the therapeutic contexts at Greenbrier Academy, our Healing Village facilitates transformation more than any other. In fact, our graduates often describe Village as the most powerful and life-altering aspect of their time here at Greenbrier.

Located atop the scenic mountain overlooking Greenbrier’s main campus, our Healing Village provides refuge from worldly distractions and the opportunity for students to fully engage in therapeutic exercises, meditations, visualizations and meaningful discussion.

In a small group of her Greenbrier sisters, your daughter will explore the characteristics of Jungian Archetypes and how they relate to different aspects of herself. Through the archetype narratives, she will discover her strengths as well as which archetypes she can work toward embodying.

“What inspired me at Village was hearing about the other girls' struggles and collectively letting go of them in the fire inspired me to make a change in my life. Watching our sand paintings burn made me feel powerful.”


Your daughter will confront the same intractable, problematic identity beliefs addressed with her therapist in a new context:

∙ Who and what am I?

∙ What is the value of a human being?

∙ What is the difference of living to “feel good” or to “do good?”

∙ Where does love come from?

∙ Can we access love if we don’t have it?

∙ What is “right” and “wrong” and who decides?

∙ How do I get rid of emotional pain?

In sharing her stories and hearing those of her fellow students, your daughter will connect with her sisters on a deeper level as they all work through false beliefs about themselves. She will share in and witness her sisters’ breakthroughs and experience her own brought about through experiences designed to elicit responses in the right brain.

I was moved by the feedback I received from the other girls while learning about the Archetypes. It felt good to hear how I was showing up as a Mother Archetype and it was helpful to hear some of my Shadows so I can now be aware of them and work on them.


Students at Greenbrier Academy's Healing Village Retreat