How Students Help Themselves by Helping Others

How does humanitarian service help heal my daughter?

Student participating in Greenbrier's Humanitarian Service program

As Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

At Greenbrier Academy, your daughter will have the opportunity to participate in humanitarian service programs that reinforce connectedness and help break the cycles of dysfunction and depression. By participating in completely altruistic behavior, she will be given a new perspective on how she interacts with the world beyond herself.

Greenbrier girls regularly volunteer to help local schools, animal shelters and retirement homes through organizations such as:

  • ∙ Habitat for Humanity
  • ∙ Food for Children
  • ∙ Bethlehem Farms
  • ∙ Walk for Breast Cancer
  • ∙ South Eastern Appalachian Rural Alliance

We also organize larger service trips to places such as Nicaragua, Ghana and Costa Rica through an organization called Mission Discovery. Here, your daughter can make a positive difference in local communities while discovering her self-worth and healing trauma. By building homes for families in need, educating school children or feeding a community, she will experience the power of connecting through giving of herself.

Greenbrier Alumni that have participated in our service programs usually remember their involvement as life-altering. As one former student stated:

“It lets you know that even when you feel like you have no self-worth, you know there are many that are worse off than you are. And, guess what – I can help them!”

-Greenbrier Alumni