How We Help Students Ease in to Life After Greenbrier

Why does my daughter need an Integration Coach?

Greenbrier student in integration coaching program

While the changes your daughter goes through at Greenbrier are potent enough to stay with her long after graduation, leaving the safe and supportive community she’s grown to love is still an adjustment. She will enter a new context at home, a new school or wherever she is moving forward to. There, she will need to implement her new-found truths, beliefs and identity while facing old relationships, triggers, expectations and the sensory overload of everyday life. Having an integration coach to lean on that fully understands the model she has been immersed in during this time can alleviate any challenges that may arise.

While still at Greenbrier, your daughter will work with her coach and primary therapist to devise an integration plan. After graduating from the program, her integration coach will act as a “lifeline” as she navigates her new surroundings. This connection provides support and connection to Greenbrier while she seeks to maintain virtuous relationships in the world.

What does the integration program include?

Greenbrier’s Integration Coaching Program helps your daughter stay connected to other graduates and stay focused on her continuing journey.

The program includes:

∙ Nine 45-minute individual/family coaching sessions

∙ Three 90-minute group coaching/mastermind calls – once per month

∙ Three 15-minute support calls (during business hours)

∙ Email support

∙ Exercises/Worksheets