How “Downtime” is Beneficial to Your Daughter

Will my daughter be able to do anything other than school and therapy while at Greenbrier?

Students participating in weekend activities at Greenbrier Academy

Greenbrier Academy’s priority is to provide your daughter mental and emotional freedom from her false beliefs while pursuing her education. That said, teenage girls need to step out of the Greenbrier model every so often to blow off some steam and…well, just be teenagers.

We firmly believe that making time for activities outside of the Greenbrier therapeutic model is essential to your daughter’s well-being. By going white water rafting or attending a local theater production, your daughter has the opportunity to experience ways of having fun that differs from what she may have gotten used to; all without the interference of modern, invasive technology. These activities require her to exercise her creativity as she reconnects with something she used to love or discovers something new.

Just as important, she will simply have the chance to socialize with her friends outside of her daily therapeutic and academic work. This is an extremely important aspect of her time at Greenbrier and helps solidify what she is accomplishing during the week.

All work and no play makes for dull girls; and Greenbrier girls are anything but dull.

Some of our weekend activities include:

∙ Roller skating

∙ Outside-In climbing gym

∙ Movies

∙ The Pottery Place

∙ Books A Million

∙ Local parades and festivals

∙ Bowling

∙ Live theater performances

∙ Green Bank Observatory

∙ Lost World Caverns

∙ Pipestem Resort State Park indoor swimming pool and game room

∙ Skiing or snowboarding (winter months)

∙ Ice Skating (winter months)

∙ The Greenbrier Resort Holiday Festivities

∙ White water rafting (spring/summer months)

∙ Rope course at Ace Adventure (spring/summer months)

∙ Pipestem Resort State Park Adventure Lake (spring/summer months)

∙ Pumpkin patch and Haunted trails (fall months)

∙ Hiking local trails