One of the most poignant and significant activities the girls participate in is service.

"The school has also led a mission trip to Nicaragua for the past few years. A student indicated that this experience 'lets you know that even when you feel like you have no self-worth, you know there are many worse off than you are, and, guess what, I can help them!'"

AdvancED Accreditation Team

Service is a perfect way to express many of the virtues the students strive for at Greenbrier Academy for Girls. Many students comment on how their own life has been enhanced through helping and relating to other people in a virtuous way.
These virtuous relationships help us see beyond ourselves and in a therapeutic sense, service-oriented activities can provide an opportunity to break some of the cycles of dysfunction and depression many of our young ladies have struggled with in the past.
Locally, the girls are able to participate in projects with Habitat for Humanity, Food for Children, Bethlehem Farms, Hospitality House, and Walk for Breast Cancer, South-Eastern-Appalachian Rural Alliance, local schools, local animal shelters, and local retirement homes.

"Students also feel that volunteer experiences in the community help them to grow as individuals. Overall, this school does an exceptional job of providing challenging experiences for all students. Students are experiencing emotional growth while serving others and learning in these experiential programs."

“A student said, ‘when the locals see us working hard labor to build a house for another ‘local,’ people know we care about each other.’ Caring about the community is another building block in gaining self-worth and acknowledgement.”

In the summer of 2010, many students were able to go to Ghana, Africa and work with the people there in building projects and in the orphanage. It was a very touching experience, one that the girls will remember for the rest of their lives.

Student clubs provide a good venue for girls to share and explore their interests. They help create a diverse experience on campus. Because these clubs are student led, they reflect the interests of the student body, the clubs change with the interests of the students. Your daughter will have the opportunity to participate and share with her fellow classmates. She can organize her own club and gain meaningful leadership experience.

Some of the varieties of clubs at Greenbrier are:

  • Music Club
  • Art Club
  • Running Club
  • Garden Club
  • Book Club
  • Yearbook Club
  • Poetry Club
  • Humanitarian Club
  • Shark Club
  • Student Council

If you are interested in learning more about campus clubs, give us a call at 1-877-788-8422.