5 Benefits of Single Sex Boarding Schools

By Greenbrier Academy / July 8, 2019

There’s been a lot of conversation about the pros and cons of single sex education. As an all girls boarding school, we think it’s important to weigh in on the conversation for parents who are considering the best option for their child. First and foremost, let’s acknowledge that every teen’s needs are different. That being…

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Therapeutic boarding school

Boarding Schools for Girls: What’s it Like to Attend a Therapeutic Boarding School?

By Greenbrier Academy / April 11, 2018

Making the decision to send your daughter to a therapeutic boarding school isn’t one you take lightly. It’s a family decision that comes when most other options have been exhausted. Once you have decided what’s going to happen, however, both you and your daughter are probably going to ask the same question: What’s it like?…

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53% of 13-Year-Old Girls Are Unhappy With Their Bodies: How to Help Your Daughter Love Herself

By Greenbrier Academy / February 20, 2018

  Teenage girls in America feel a lot of pressure when it comes to obtaining the ideal body. And, the statistics show it. 53 percent of 13-year old girls don’t like the way their bodies look. 28 percent of 15-year-old girls are already on diets. Approximately three percent of teens are affected by an eating…

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Four Reasons Adoption May Have Been Traumatic for Your Teen

By Greenbrier Academy / January 1, 2018

  Adoption is a wonderful thing, a path, a choice that isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s only the special that reach out to a child and say, “You are mine. I may not have given birth to you, but you are my daughter, my love, forever.” It takes someone special to invite someone…

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Three Ways Greenbrier Encourages a Positive Work Ethic

By Greenbrier Academy / December 22, 2017

According to the Boston University Center for Career Development, a good work ethic can help your daughter, both now and in the future. It’s about more than just working hard. It’s about learning how to be dependable, how to hold a positive mindset, how to act and dress professionally, and how to adapt easily to…

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