How a Therapeutic Boarding School for Anxiety Can Improve Academic Performance in Teens

By Greenbrier Academy / September 20, 2018

School. Homework. After-school activities (the ones that look best on a college application).  Eat. Sleep. Repeat. While most adults tell teens that these are the best years of their life, most high schoolers beg to differ. Every year, there is more and more pressure to be better, be different, be extraordinary. After all, if they…

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after greenbrier

Life After Greenbrier: What’s Next for Your Daughter?

By Greenbrier Academy / January 25, 2018

Graduating from the Greenbrier Academy for Girls is a major moment in your daughter’s life. To reach this step, she has gone through each of her aspirations and met the therapeutic requirements of the program. She’s improved academically and socially. Many graduates have even taken their ACT or SAT exams for college. Stepping out of…

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healthy eating

Essential Nutrition: 5 Foods That Help Reduce Anxiety

By Greenbrier Academy / November 29, 2017

The right foods can be restorative and healing, and the wrong ones- anything but. This isn’t just an opinion, it’s proven. An article published by Harvard Health Publishing at Harvard Medical School tells us that the brain is like an expensive car. In order for it to run correctly, it needs a constant supply of…

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