Canine rescue programs

Emotional Support for Trauma Victims: The Benefits of Canine Rescue

By Greenbrier Academy / November 10, 2017

At Greenbrier Academy, we offer many different types of therapeutic programs that help our girls with various issues, including ADHD, depression, anxiety and trauma. Some programs, while intensely therapeutic, don’t appear to be immediately. Consider our canine rescue program, for instance. With this program, the girls rescue dogs from local shelters and rescue centers. The…

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Rescue Them, Rescue Yourself: The Many Health Benefits of Animal Rescue

By Greenbrier Academy / February 3, 2017

Each year, thousands of pets can be found in animal shelters across the country. With the help of your daughter, Greenbrier Academy continues to make a significant dent in that number. Our boarding school offers a canine rescue program, a tangible practice of altruism and a lifesaving gift for pets that have been abandoned by their previous…

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