Residential Aftercare Programs: Lasting Change After Wilderness Therapy

By Greenbrier Academy / June 17, 2019

Coming home after wilderness therapy can be an exciting event if you’ve been away from your teen for weeks, or even months. You want the transition after wilderness therapy to be a smooth one, and maybe you know you’re going to need extra support. Residential aftercare programs can ensure your teen is able to maintain…

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Where To Transition After A Wilderness Program

By Greenbrier Academy / June 13, 2019

Your teen has been making exceptional progress during their time at wilderness therapy. They’re making great strides towards emotional stability and mental clarity, thanks to the retreat that’s provided by the outdoors. As you start thinking about life after wilderness therapy, you may be considering programs for the transition after a wilderness program. Don’t worry.…

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Life After Wilderness Therapy: What’s Next?

By Greenbrier Academy / June 10, 2019

You’ve made the decision to send your troubled teen to a wilderness therapy program. While you’re thrilled to see positive changes in your teen during this unique therapeutic intervention, a question continues to linger in your mind. What’s next? How do families successfully transition their troubled teen back home after a wilderness program?

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