Therapeutic boarding school

Boarding Schools for Girls: What’s it Like to Attend a Therapeutic Boarding School?

By Greenbrier Academy / April 11, 2018

Making the decision to send your daughter to a therapeutic boarding school isn’t one you take lightly. It’s a family decision that comes when most other options have been exhausted. Once you have decided what’s going to happen, however, both you and your daughter are probably going to ask the same question: What’s it like?…

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Therapeutic all-girls school

What Every Parent Should Know About Food Addiction

By Greenbrier Academy / December 5, 2017

Food addiction is a real thing, and there are many studies available that show that certain types of foods, such as those containing high amounts of salt, fat or sugar do trigger the brain, causing it to produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy and calm. This result can quickly become a physical…

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therapeutic all-girls school

5 Signs Your Teen’s Therapist Isn’t Working for Her

By Greenbrier Academy / November 29, 2017

As a parent, you only want what’s best for your child. When you see them hurting, rebelling or suffering from past trauma, your first steps may be to get them help through a professional therapist near your home. In some cases, being able to talk things out with someone new can help. The therapist may…

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