3 Ways Social Media Affects Self Esteem in Teen Girls

By Greenbrier Academy / September 10, 2019

  There have been many studies linking excessive social media use to a decline in teen self esteem, demonstrating teen girls as particularly vulnerable. One study correlates depression symptoms with excessive social media use in teen girls. If we are to understand why social media affects self esteem in teenagers, there are three important impacts that…

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Co-Ed vs. Single Sex Education

By Greenbrier Academy / August 5, 2019

  The pros and cons of single sex schools are worth considering. You may have noticed the intense debates online regarding this topic with groups speaking passionately on both sides of the conversation. The advantages and disadvantages of single gender schools can be a matter of opinion and at times, of fact. Let’s take a…

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Get the Facts On All Girls Schools

By Greenbrier Academy / July 17, 2019

  Is your teen daughter struggling? Hanging out with the wrong crowd? Most likely she needs guidance to help her sense of identity and self worth. Today, we want to shed light on the research on all girls schools, and given what you and your family are going through, it would be selfish of us…

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Self Esteem Strategies for High School Students

By Greenbrier Academy / July 1, 2019

  Do you feel as a parent that the odds are stacked against you as you try to instill confidence in your child for their academic careers? In their teen years, it can be difficult to watch your child become unsure of themselves as social and academic pressures increase. Strategies to boost your teen’s self…

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The Hidden Cause Behind Teen Binge Eating Disorders

By Greenbrier Academy / June 27, 2019

  Teen eating disorders are steadily increasing in the United States. Teen girls are disproportionately effected. According to this study done in 2017 where “researchers followed a group of 496 adolescent girls for 8 years, until they were 20, they found that 5.2% of the girls met criteria for anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder.…

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Positive Youth Identity Development for Troubled Teens

By Greenbrier Academy / June 24, 2019

  All teenagers are tasked with taking their first steps towards individual identity development when they reach the age of adolescence. Developing a healthy or positive identity as a teenager can become challenging when peer pressure, media, and pop culture influences are constant. A negative identity in teens is unfortunately common in today’s culture. In…

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Does Therapeutic Boarding School Work?

By Greenbrier Academy / June 20, 2019

  Have you been considering therapeutic boarding school for your troubled teen, but have doubts about whether or not they work? As you ask yourself the question “where can I send my troubled teen?”, it’s important to be thorough in your research. In this article, let’s talk about what therapeutic boarding schools are, the pros…

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Where To Transition After A Wilderness Program

By Greenbrier Academy / June 13, 2019

Your teen has been making exceptional progress during their time at wilderness therapy. They’re making great strides towards emotional stability and mental clarity, thanks to the retreat that’s provided by the outdoors. As you start thinking about life after wilderness therapy, you may be considering programs for the transition after a wilderness program. Don’t worry.…

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Life After Wilderness Therapy: What’s Next?

By Greenbrier Academy / June 10, 2019

You’ve made the decision to send your troubled teen to a wilderness therapy program. While you’re thrilled to see positive changes in your teen during this unique therapeutic intervention, a question continues to linger in your mind. What’s next? How do families successfully transition their troubled teen back home after a wilderness program?

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Understanding Your Introverted Teenage Daughter

By Greenbrier Academy / June 6, 2019

  Are you often surprised by the differences and similarities between you and your teenager as they begin to individuate in adolescence? As your child matures, it’s important to respect their unique needs and individual differences from you while also holding healthy boundaries. Because of their innate needs for alone time, it can be difficult…

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