Signs of Bipolar Disorder in Teens

By Greenbrier Academy / October 25, 2018

“I remember the first time I went to the doctor for my bipolar symptoms. I was 18 and experiencing signs of depression and self harm. My parents, unsure of what to do, took me to the family physician. When I tried to explain that I wasn’t always depressed, that sometimes I felt full of energy…

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Tide Pods, Erasers and Other Disturbing Challenges: How to Protect Your Teen

By Greenbrier Academy / February 23, 2018

When A Joke isn’t a Joke The teenage brain is something that many parents struggle with. Teens can be dramatic, irrational and sometimes do things that you’d never expect. The reality is, teenage brains are different. The frontal lobes aren’t fully connected yet, for one. This is the part of the brain that helps us…

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Six Tips on How to Spot Cyberbullying and Stop It

By Greenbrier Academy / February 13, 2018

As a whole, we have become a people who spend quite a lot of time online. In fact, a relatively new study by CNN called #Being13 reveals that teens spend more time than most. Would the fact that teens check their social media messages an average of 100 times every day surprise you? It’s true.…

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Is Social Media Promoting a Negative Body Image for Your Teen?

By Greenbrier Academy / January 28, 2018

A couple of decades ago, teenage girls worried about being ‘bikini-ready’ when summer vacation came. They poured through magazines and judged themselves harshly on how their looks compared to the supermodels on the pages. Today, things are a bit different, but the same negative body image issues remain. This time, however, social media may be…

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5 Ways to Help Your Child Through a Divorce

By Greenbrier Academy / December 29, 2017

The teen years aren’t easy. In fact, it’s challenging for any teen to deal with the physical and mental changes associated with adolescence. When you factor in a trauma like separation or divorce, the teenage years can become even harder to deal with. Can your teen survive this type of change and emerge from it…

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Is Your Daughter an Introvert? 4 Ways Greenbrier Works for Her

By Greenbrier Academy / November 25, 2017

Are you worried your daughter is an introvert? There’s actually nothing to worry about at all. Introversion is a type of personality trait that focuses on internal feelings and emotion, rather than outside stimuli. Introverts tend to be quiet and reserved. While they don’t mind spending time with other people, going to parties and having…

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