Here’s What Our Greenbrier Girls and Families Say About Us

“The hardest day at GBA was actually not her first day, but her last day. Our daughters ‘problems’ ended up being a gift for the whole family to grow and heal.”

– Greenbrier Alumni Parent

“Greenbrier provided my daughter with a safe and nurturing space to identify her issues and develop healthy coping strategies that have allowed her to graduate from high school and successfully navigate college. The work that she did at Greenbrier under the caring and skilled staff is seen daily in the healthy relationships that she is now able to develop and maintain.”

– J.J., Alumni Parent

"Neurofeedback has helped me improve my awareness of myself and others. It gives me time to take a break from day to day life and relax.  It feels similar to meditating to me.  I also feel it's helped me be less anxious in general. I am able to not let my thoughts consume me. I can acknowledge them and let them pass.  Neuro is homie!"  


“What impressed me about GBA was their insistence and skill in working with the entire family system. My daughter is one of four children, and all of her siblings were involved in the on-campus family intensives. Years of hurt and misunderstanding were brought to the surface and as a result, profound healing occurred. My daughter stopped identifying herself as the “black sheep” and returned to a family that loved and accepted her.”

– S.L., Los angeles, ca, Alumni Parent

“My daughter, like many others, had been bullied during elementary and middle school. Consequently, she developed school avoidance, and her grades plummeted. She developed a belief that she wasn’t smart. I was amazed at how the therapeutic and academic team interfaced, first to change the belief system, and then to provide learning strategies that allowed her to be successful. It definitely wasn’t a short-term fix, my daughter graduated from GBA three years ago and is now in her second year of college and is on the honor roll!”

– J.B., Charlotte, NC, Alumni Parent

The experience that I had at the village was one that instilled me with a sense of purpose that I had never felt before in my life. I felt really connected and it wasn’t like “this was just their job and they are just going to go home at the end of the night”. You can tell that they are really invested in the relationships and in the healing that goes on.




“I was so mad when my parents sent me to a therapeutic school after completing wilderness. I tried to find every reason to hate GBA, but I remember a staff member saying to me ‘we are going to love you, until you learn to love yourself.’ At first, I didn’t believe her, but no matter how hard I pushed other people away, I found that they remained there for me. Eventually I was able to do what they call ‘deep level work,’ and for the first time acknowledged that my adoption was responsible for me feeling like nobody cared. I was able to change that faulty belief, which then changed everything. I am no longer on medication and can’t imagine every self-harming again.”

– J.R., New york City, Greenbrier Alumni

“I used to be too anxious to really talk to people or make friends, but now I know how to cope with that. I’ve gotten to do so much better with school which was one thing I struggled with a lot. I’ve also gotten to do a lot of things with the animals here which really helped me.”

– Greenbrier STUDENT

“Without the village my life would definitely be different. I wouldn’t have a connection with myself the way I do now. The village brought an opening to my heart and mind and a willingness to learn and grow more within myself and with others.”

– Greenbrier STUDENT

“Before the village, I was heading down a really bad path and it was unhealthy and I wasn’t whole. The village brought out the real side of me and I don’t think without the village that side of me would have ever been discovered.”

– Greenbrier ALUMNI

“Looking back over the 5+ months of neurofeedback sessions and the progress I have achieved, I am amazed!  My focuses are on things like irritability, hyperactive, cravings, attention span, etc. While there are a handful of areas where I have only seen a slight positive shift, in the remaining areas the growth is prominent. I can attest to having a better attention span, increased focus, decreased irritability, etc. as a direct result of the work my brain does in neurofeedback. ”


I was a mess when I got to GBA. Drugs, alcohol, and too many unhealthy relationships to remember.

At first, I re-created my life drama at GBA, getting other students mad at me and attempting to keep the staff from really getting to know me. It was during a Village Week that Paul helped me go through a ‘rite of passage’ exercise that totally opened my eyes. I came to see that I had an old belief that I wasn't good enough, that got in my head because I always compare myself to my ‘superstar’ older brother., Once I learned to believe this about myself, I created a life where I always sold myself short.

Now two years after graduating from GBA, my relationship with my brother has never been better and I am in college doing well for myself; free of the idea that I have to be in some kind of competition with my sibling.


“A year ago, my family and friends thought I wouldn’t graduate high school – and look, I did it!

– Greenbrier ALUMNI

“I chose Greenbrier Academy to get the best help possible for my daughter. I discovered through the family workshops that our whole family needed to heal.”

– Greenbrier ALUMNI PARENT

“I am amazed at the talent that has been gathered at this relatively obscure location in WV. I remember hearing the staff say, ‘we will love your daughter until she learns to love herself’, and initially dismissed it as another therapeutic jargon statement. However, through the weekly family sessions and on-campus intensives, I came to witness my daughter growing in ways that had seemed unimaginable. Even though I work in the field, it was clear to me that the methodology and focus has been developed that reaches adolescent girls in ways I’ve never before witnessed. Their focus on acquiring virtue through aspirations and developing a sense of purpose in life affected my daughter in ways that she will carry with her forever.”

– J.P., Orlando, FL, Greenbrier ALUMNI PARENT