Founded in 2007, Greenbrier is the culmination of a lifelong mission to support healing for the thousands of families struggling with their troubled teen daughter.

We’re located in a lush, green mountain setting in Pence, Springs West Virginia and have served families from England to Africa.

Imagine being able to trust your daughter’s choices, waking up to a raving report card and having open lines of communication in conversations where she used to shut you out.

Greenbrier is a place to reclaim your life while we help your daughter reclaim hers.

You’re not alone on this journey

Thousands of families come to us at the end of their rope with little hope for the future.

You can get your life back, and your daughter’s life back on track. 

That’s the vision behind our work. Let’s work together to make that picture a reality.  

Come visit and let the sleepless nights worrying about her future be a thing of the past.

Our Mission & Purpose

We’re here to work with you to preserve and protect your daughter’s future.

As a non-acute treatment center that specializes as an all girls boarding school, we provide unparalleled academic excellence alongside highly recommended therapeutic interventions to get your daughter back on track.  

Who We Serve

Are your daughter’s grades plummeting? Is she struggling with lying and dishonesty? Rebellion? Isolating behavior tendencies?

Greenbrier Academy excels with girls who can participate in our various stimulating, effective therapeutic and academic programs.

At Greenbrier Academy, our goal is to give your daughter the opportunity to transform her negative beliefs, implement healthier relational patterns, and practice them in many contexts.

Through an atmosphere of support, accountability, and virtue, your daughter can develop a sense of responsibility and cultivate healthy emotional behaviors. The more she can practice, the better chance she has of stepping into a bright future filled with purpose.

Because we work with less disordered students, we concentrate more on quality academics, offering opportunities for local and international service, sports activities, animal projects, equestrian mastery, and high adventure trips.

We’re a solution for parents who recognize that less acute disordered girls don’t need acute disordered treatment.

Our Model:

Common identity statements that we hear when students first arrive:

Some of the beliefs about self that your daughter will have after her time at Greenbrier Academy:

Imagine how differently your daughter will go about living her life, attending future classes and building new relationships when she believes positive things about herself.

At Greenbrier, your daughter will find a community of students and staff that support her to make new choices and discover her innate value. She’s capable of moving beyond these struggles.

Our goal is to set your daughter back on a path of self-fulfillment, so that when the time comes for her to transition into adulthood, she will be prepared with the tools she needs to navigate the world.

No more stressing about what her future holds. No more worrying at the kitchen table at 4 a.m if she’s going to be okay. It’s going to take work on both our parts, but let’s eliminate the barriers keeping her from a bright future.  

Are you asking yourself: 

  • Why can’t my daughter make these kinds of changes from home?
  • Sometimes she’s doing really well, I’m not sure our situation is bad enough to send her away…
  • As a parent, no professional will know what she needs better.

Know that ALMOST EVERY SINGLE family that has come through our doors is asking themselves the same thing!

Above all else, you need a team of professionals that you can trust. This is not a small decision you’re making, so let’s lay out some important facts that may answer some of your pressing questions about our program.

Many of our students come to us through unaffiliated, independent educational consultants hired by families to find the best placement possible. Retain one to get unbiased help if you can.

Professionally conducted quantitative studies validate the effectiveness of our therapeutic model.

96% of our graduates have been accepted to college.

Our teachers and therapists are licensed and accredited. Many of whom have been working together between 10-25 years.

GBA is licensed, accredited and in good standing with the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, as well as the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

GBA has twice been a positive example of “Applied Relationality” in presentations at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association with membership over 134,000.

GBA’s peer culture called “The Aspirations” incorporates a program of “quality relationships” with accountability.

Students’ home visits are scheduled and planned to be therapeutic, so that she can practice the new tools and strategies to make healthier choices when  back home.

GBA’s drumming program has received state and national attention with performances in a variety of venues.

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