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The School of Horsemanship

At all levels of ability, Greenbrier Academy riders develop into competent horsewomen and well-rounded equestrians who are skilled and knowledgeable in multiple disciplines of riding.  We offer indoor and outdoor riding facilities, and a string of well-schooled horses.

GBA offers two programs within the school of horsemanship

Equine Science Class & Riding Program

The equine program is an opportunity for girls to learn more about horses.

In classes girls will get a background in horsemanship, learning about management, basic anatomy, nutrition and health, tack and disciplines, horse care and safe handling practices. As well as aspects of training to improve their riding skills. 

As the Equine Science class is part of the Academic programming, the girls are graded upon individual involvement, participation and teamwork and earn academic credit.

Lessons include bonding with horses, groundwork skills, which will then be applied to work under saddle.

We incorporate:

  • fun exercises
  • games
  • trail rides
  • chores at the barn
  • and horse events.

Equine Assisted Therapy

In addition, we offer individual equine assisted therapy sessions and weekly therapy groups, where girls engage with the horses through therapeutic activities that are facilitated by our licensed Equine Assisted Therapist. 

Girls in the Program meet twice a week to work on personal goals with the horses and instructors.

These sessions support students to:

  • improve focus
  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • a better sense of self and accomplishments
  • respect
  • motivation
  • and overcoming personal challenges. 

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