An Experience To Mend the Damages of Pop Culture Trends

Designed Specifically for Young Women

Young women are drawn to narratives and stories.

The Young Women’s Healing Village Retreat implements the Archetypes of the famous psychologist, Carl Jung.

Many troubled teen girls’ negative beliefs are tied to real-life experiences which they’ve stored away in narrative form. Incorporating Jungian Archetypes allows students to connect to the stories and characteristics of each archetype. 

Students identify their characteristic strengths, as well as Archetypes that they need to embody more.

This Young Women’s Retreat is about:

  • Allowing students to be seen and to see others
  • Teen girls with low self esteem learning to embrace their strengths and imperfections
  • Learning how to hold others up, reflecting their greatness, power and beauty

Our graduates often describe Village as the most powerful, transformative aspect of their time at GBA. Village is a counter cultural context that transforms the minds and hearts of even the most resistant students.

What causes low self esteem in adolescence?

More often than not, it begins with feeling disconnected from others. 

Our answer is the Young Women’s Healing Village Retreat. Over the years, more than 2,000 students have had their lives transformed by the Village.

“Everything this weekend felt useful to me. Connecting with the other girls, sharing our wounds, letting go, facing my fears. I think it was all helpful and fulfilling.” ~GBA Student

Students Find Their Purpose At Village

Located on campus, atop the scenic mountain above our main facilities, students have the opportunity to permanently alter their life’s direction for the better.

Away from worldly distractions, your daughter will experience ways to elicit and change the subconscious, limiting beliefs that are at the core of her rebellion, anxiety, depression, and/or body dysmorphia.

We call this FREEDOM; opening new opportunities in preserving your daughter’s future through the powerful bonds of Sisterhood.

What inspired me at Village was hearing about the other girls’ struggles and collectively letting them go in the fire. It inspired me to make a change in my life. Watching our sand paintings burn made me feel powerful.

Deep level change is more easily attained in the Village than any other GBA context.
In small groups students delve into life’s deepest questions. These questions are tied into the intractable, problematic identity beliefs addressed with their therapists.

Questions of Self-Exploration Answered at Greenbrier

  • Who and what am I?
  • What is the value of a human being?
  • What is the difference between living to “feel good” or to “do good”?
  • Where does love come from?
  • Can we access love if we don’t have it?
  • What is right and wrong and who decides?
  • How do I get rid of emotional pain?

Peer pressure

The Village is all about meaning, relationships, and purpose.

It may be your daughter’s only opportunity to deeply explore the questions that whether consciously or unconsciously answered, will continue to shape her life.