The Intensive Village Retreat is at the Heart of What We Do

Greenbrier Academy’s Intensive Village Retreat is the defining programmatic piece that sets us apart from any other therapeutic program. Your daughter won’t be offered this experience anywhere else.

Our graduates often describe Village as the most powerful, transformative aspect of their time at GBA. Similar to a “wilderness experience”, the Village utilizes a community context and lack of distraction from the outside world. Village is a counter cultural context that transforms the minds and hearts of even the most resistant students.

How to you help a student who doesn’t want to be helped?

Our answer is the Intensive Village Retreat. Over the years, more than 2,000 students have had their lives transformed by the Village.

Students Find Their Purpose At Village.

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Located on campus, atop the scenic mountain above our main facilities, students have the opportunity to permanently alter their life’s direction for the better.

Away from worldly distractions, your daughter will experience ways to elicit and change the subconscious, limiting beliefs and identity that generate rebellion, anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia. This week-long opportunity happens four times during each girl’s enrollment. Each Village week has its own existential theme. Upon returning to campus, her deep level work can now be inculcated with practice in various contexts including our different programs, individual therapy, family calls and group work with her therapist. Negative beliefs have been transformed to self affirming, positive ones. This gives her subconscious permission to practice implementing healthier relational patterns.

We call this FREEDOM; opening new opportunities in preserving your daughter’s future.

Deep level change is more easily attained in the Village than any other GBA context.
In small groups students delve into life’s deepest questions. These questions are tied into the intractable, problematic identity beliefs addressed with their therapists.

Questions of Self-Exploration Answered at Greenbrier

  • Who and what am I?
  • What is the value of a human being?
  • What is the difference between living to “feel good” or to “do good”?
  • Where does love come from?
  • Can we access love if we don’t have it?
  • What is right and wrong and who decides?
  • How do I get rid of emotional pain?

Peer pressure

Archetypes are used, and contrasting cultures and philosophies are experienced. Therapeutic exercises are engaged.

The Village is all about meaning, relationships, and purpose.

It may be your daughter’s only opportunity to deeply explore the questions that whether consciously or unconsciously answered, will continue shape her life.