Artistic expression is arguably one of the oldest forms of self-expression on the planet. The arts program courses offered at Greenbrier are among the most popular in our curriculum. Healing comes through self-expression and creativity in a judgement free environment.

The professional therapists at Greenbrier expertly guide our residents through our therapeutic arts program. While our arts courses are fun, they allow your daughter to work through difficult life decisions and/or trauma in an uplifting and lighthearted manner.

Art and Mental Health

It should not be surprising that art therapy is beneficial to troubled teens. For decades, therapists have used art as a way to bring difficult emotions and unspeakable trauma to the emotional surface of our lives and help us to release the raw emotions often tied to that trauma. In a qualitative study performed in 2015, researchers pinpointed 5 benefits of art therapy on your daughters mental health:

  • Perception: Art therapy allows your daughter to focus on the present while helping to identify the connection between emotions and themselves. This gives the artist the unique ability to identify and work through emotional responses.
  • Emotional Expression: Working through a medium, like art, gives your daughter the chance to express emotions they may not have even known existed or how to express them in a healthy way. This overwhelmingly increased self-confidence and self-efficacy.
  • Positive Self-Image: Many of the young women who live at Greenbrier have no sense of self-worth or their intrinsic value on our planet. Art gives them the ability to express themselves in an open and honest forum, where they are given the ability to focus on their thoughts and feelings.
  • Behavioral Changes: Art therapy helps to improve behavior in general and especially toward oneself.
  • Improved Insight: Art often gives the participant a way to express themselves non-verbally, which eventually leads to verbal expression.

In addition to all the above benefits, studies show that art can help on a physiological level; lowering blood pressure, anxiety and stress. This leads to a more calm and anxiety-free outlook on struggles and issues that cause behavioral challenges.

Greenbrier Therapeutic Arts Program Can Help

Often, young women have an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness because they can voice their inner feelings. Our therapeutic arts program allows for artistic expression of inner struggles, freeing those feelings for examination in a judgement free environment. Our experts are skilled in examining artwork and helping participants to decipher the difficult emotions attached. Give your daughter the benefit of alternative and traditional methods in healing her mind and body. Call Greenbrier admissions today at 1-877-788-8422 to learn more about our comprehensive arts programs.