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Therapeutic Drumming Program

Benefits of Participating in Greenbrier’s Therapeutic Drumming

“Rhythm is the soul of life.

The Whole universe revolves in rhythm.

Everything and every human action revolves in rhythm”


Is your daughter struggling to connect in healthy ways with peers and/or family members?

Here are ways she can benefit from our drumming program:

  •    Depression/Anxiety Relief
  •    Increased Self-Awareness
  •    Building Lasting Relationships
  •    Facilitating Deep Connection to Self & Others
  •    Unity Within Our Community

“Ten minutes of drumming every day releases tension, resets the mind and body’s inner clock, and serves as both a stimulant and sedative… Among all the instruments used in healing, the drum produces some of the most powerful effects”- The Mozart Effect–Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit” by Don Campbell

We have implemented therapeutic drumming to enhance your daughter’s healing in combination with other sophisticated therapeutic interventions. Over the years, we have seen drumming play an integral part in creating a virtuous peer culture here on campus. Drumming creates connection among our students at an unparalleled level. New students are taught the rhythms of our school by more practiced students, creating a mentoring system that new students can rely on to quickly feel integrated and a part of the GBA family.

“Research reviews indicate that drumming enhances recovery through inducing relaxation and enhancing theta-wave production and brain-wave synchronization. Drumming produces pleasurable experiences, enhanced awareness of preconscious dynamics, release of emotional trauma, and reintegration of self.
Drumming alleviates self-centeredness, isolation, and alienation, creating a sense of connectedness with self and others. Drumming provides a secular approach to accessing a higher power and applying spiritual perspectives.” (Winkelman, Michael; American Journal of Public Health, April, 2003, Vol.93, Issue 4, P.647,5p.)

By appointing a drum leader to guide the circle, students are given the opportunity to practice leadership skills as the drum leader is one who sets an example for the entire student body. It is an honor to watch our girls give back positively to the community during drumming performances. They learn our rhythms quickly, and the experience of positively contributing back to society often creates new purpose and meaning for our performers.

The experiences our drumming program creates for students might be just what your daughter needs to get her unstuck. Surrounded by positive peer and staff influence while being immersed in the healing rhythms of the drumming will give her what she needs to transform those old, self defeating behavior patterns into healing, connected, virtuous actions.

We have witnessed the change from a student’s admission to discharge to be somewhat like a snowballing effect. What we mean is that Greenbrier’s we see students create positive change in their lives that continues long after her time on campus. This is what our model is designed to do.

Once she is put into contexts that foster virtuous connection and synchronicity with others who are striving towards similar goals (like our drumming circle), she will be able to practice fostering those types of connections in many other contexts.

Our goal is to give her the tools that she learns through drumming and help her transfer those skills to be ready to come back home with new vision, purpose, and mission.

It’s not too late to get her the help she needs.