Greenbrier begins serving students even before they arrive.

We have a rolling admissions structure, so you don’t have to wait until the next quarter or school year to submit an application.

Wondering what materials you need to submit an application?

Our admissions information can be found here.

Academic Schedules:

Monday through Thursday our school operates very much like any high school.

We have eight block periods, for each day and two daily classes.

The first two blocks are taught in the morning, followed by drumming.

Students have two blocks of class followed by a time of activity and this is mindfully designed to help relieve stress and promote healthy brain chemistry.

Guided academic study hall is available for all student from 6:00 to 8:00pm and is supervised by one of our teachers.


Saturday offers academic opportunities.  Students who’ve enrolled in online classes have the opportunity to log on and work while having the support of a certified teacher, should they need.

Sundays teachers are on campus in the afternoons to offer theatre, French, and guided study hall for students to work on their own or ask for help with subject material they need extra support with.