Discover why GBA earned Distinction of Accreditation from AdvancED Accreditation Commission.

“The school is an amazing facility where all the students were respectful to the team members, teachers and other staff. Its strong drumming and volunteering programming and arts strengthen the academics. A majority of the school’s graduates will attend college, a few at Ivy League Schools. This is in contrast to students having a lack of career goals prior to entering the facility. Greenbrier Academy of Girls is truly a rich, learning community.”

  •   Greenbrier Academy operates under the accreditation of the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) and follows the WVDE content standards for curriculum.
  •   GBA is a member of, and accredited through, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
  •   All GBA teachers maintain a professional teaching license and many have advanced degrees.
  •   Our teachers, like our students, come from across the United States and internationally. This fosters an educational environment with a wide reference point that benefits from each other’s experiences. It also cultivates a community that is built on respect and acceptance of others.
  •   GBA teachers work closely together with all parts of our community to meet our students’ needs.  This includes…
    •   weekly meetings between the teacher, therapist, residential advisors
    •   weekly trainings for our teachers
    •   two weekly meetings of the academic faculty for training and to review each of our student’s academic progress and needs