When you look back on your Greenbrier experience with your daughter, there’s a high likelihood you’ll start talking about her Village experience.

Maybe you’ll be celebrating together over her latest report cards or college acceptance letter and she’ll tell you:

“Mom, I realized when I was in Village that I’m…

  • Smart
  • Have a purpose
  • Ready to stop holding myself back
  • Can achieve anything I set my mind to
  • Have all the help I need to change my life”

Village makes change feel like a deep exhale. It’s a place where the subconscious beliefs that’ve been the source of her behavioral challenges are brought to the conscious level and given the opportunity to transform into empowering truths.

Many students find the motivation to dig deep and work hard academically after their time in Village.

If you haven’t already, click below to read Emma’s story. She’s a past GBA student that came to us with a beautiful essay, determined to share it with parents who have daughters that are struggling the way she was.

Read Emma’s Village Experience