“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you” -B.B King

Does your daughter:

  •   refuse to go to school?
  •   struggle to pay attention in class?
  •   lie and skip class on a regular basis?
  •   constantly fall behind academically due to truancy?

We know how challenging it can be to create a successful plan of action to get her caught up and genuinely engaged in her schoolwork.


We’re designed specifically for students like your daughter!

The solution to overcome school refusal and lack of academic engagement?

Make the classroom a therapeutic environment where students who haven’t had any interest in their academic careers can be engaged therapeutically in the classroom.

At Greenbrier, she will be motivated by a learning specialist, residential advisor, and individually assigned therapist that understand her unique struggles with schoolwork.

This type of academy support simply cannot be provided or re-created at home. So, please be kind to yourself about her setbacks.

Sometimes it takes an entirely new academic context and a team of willing professionals to break one student’s pattern of academic resistance.

At Greenbrier, the contexts where your daughter is most challenging become the greatest opportunity for change and growth.

Where do you see your daughter struggle most academically?

  •   Math class?
  •   Completing homework on time?
  •   Being called on to participate?
  •   Talking too much in class?
  •   Anxiety around performing perfectly?
  •   Depression due to believing she isn’t smart enough?

Wherever we lose her interest, we find an opportunity for therapeutic breakthroughs.

An individual plan will be created for her with her greatest challenges in mind, merging her therapeutic plan with her academic success.

Our staff go through extensive training in these types of interventions. It takes a tremendous amount of collaboration and communication to set up therapeutic contexts and breakthroughs in the classroom.

Give us a call today and say goodbye to your daughter’s pattern of academic resistance.