How Can Greenbrier Academy Preserve & Protect An Emotionally Healthy Future for Your Daughter?

You may have been told your daughter has a mood disorder if she swings between high highs and low lows. She can’t seem to pull herself together enough to go to school somedays. Difficult conversations turn into screaming fights.

Do you want your daughter to be mature and emotionally healthy?

Living with a teen that’s struggling emotionally can be a normal part of the maturation process, however, if these emotional struggles start to threaten her future because of unhealthy behavior patterns as a result of these emotions, she may need therapeutic intervention to get her life back on track.

Does your daughter need to practice taking responsibility for her actions and making good choices for herself?

Thousands of families across our nation are struggling with a teenager who seems lost, angry, anxious, depressed, and/or apathetic.

It’s going to take some effort from us, from your daughter, and your family to get her back on track.

Don’t lose hope. Healing is possible.