Sometimes the most potent emotional healing we can engage in is being in service of another.

That’s why we have animal rescue programs at Greenbrier.

Your daughter will walk and care for dogs, cuddle and nurse kittens, and in general, learn the value of caring for another being outside of herself. This builds emotional maturity through the innate responsibility of animal rescue work.

If your daughter…

  •   struggles with self absorption
  •   obsesses over how she feels
  •   struggles to show compassion and care for others
  •   rarely follows through in her commitments to others

Animals are the perfect place to teach her how to overcome her emotional self absorption. You want her to discover the emotional nourishment she can have in her life when she nurtures her relationships with punctuality, compassion, and empathy.

Without having to lecture her about the “value of making a difference”, the animals at Greenbrier do it for us.  

Learn how animal rescue preserves and protects her future Physically.