Art is a peaceful and constructive way for your daughter to express difficult emotions.




It can take time and practice to learn how to articulate difficult experiences. Through painting, ceramics, and other artistic avenues, your daughter will move past difficult emotions by identifying them creatively.

  •  Do you feel helpless watching your daughter shutdown to you and the world?
  •  When she becomes dishonest, defiant, or loses connection to the gifts she has to bring to the world, what do you do?

Creative expression can be the missing piece when it comes to developing emotional intelligence.

We take great care to provide our students with state of the art studio facilities, comparable to a competitive arts program.

From decades of professional experience working with hundreds of families, nothing brings out a young women’s unique brightness like art.

~GBA Student Art~

Has your daughter suffered from trauma?

Art can serve as a vessel to transform unprocessed emotions from trauma into constructive self expression.

Effective therapeutic interventions must incorporate the right brain hemisphere due to emotional trauma often centralizing in this area of the brain. Art is directly linked to accessing the right brain therapeutically.

If you look at our college matriculation list, you’ll find a number of art & design programs. Students are encouraged to discover their purpose, gifts, and consequently, their life’s mission at Greenbrier.

Come and visit campus to see for yourself.