A RETREAT for Young Women’s Healing

Over 2,000 families have benefited from their child participating in the Village. In a peaceful mountain setting, students engage in therapeutic activities for youth that get to the root of their emotional struggles.

Removed from worldly distractions, your daughter will have the opportunity to discover the limiting beliefs that cause her emotional struggles and transform them into new, uplifting truths.

Transformation is easier to facilitate in Village than any other program context, which is why it’s at the heart of our program.  

Does your teen daughter:

  • struggle with emotional turmoil due to low self esteem?
  • have difficulty expressing her emotions in healthy ways?
  • develop toxic relationships?

Many parents are combatting similar struggles in their troubled teen girls. If you’ve answered yes to any of the symptoms above, the Young Women’s Healing Retreat may be the therapeutic intervention your daughter needs.

“I was moved by the feedback I received from the other girls while learning about the Archetypes. It felt good to hear how I was showing up as a Mother Archetype and it was helpful to hear some of my Shadows so I can now be aware of them and work on them.”

Surrounded by a small group of other girls, removed from the daily distractions of campus life, your daughter will engage in therapeutic exercises, meditations, visualizations, and meaningful discussion to help her illuminate the areas of her life that haven’t been serving her wellbeing.

Village is the place where students gain motivation to change the ways they handle difficult emotions.

The power of the community context and overall atmosphere that is created in this experience is unparalleled.

Imagine how different your daughter’s choices would be if she learned how to master her emotions.