We’ve spent years fine tuning our therapeutics based on research, efficacy, and evaluation of our outcomes.

If you’re curious about the effectiveness of our unique Strong Relationality model…

Click here to read the Final RVA Write Up and Results on Our Program by Emily Loader, PhD.

You can also read Doug Merchant’s PhD Dissertation: Qualitative Inquiry on the Therapeutic Experience of Greenbrier Academy Students

Types of Interventions

Our therapeutic team utilizes professionally recommended interventions such as…

  • Specialized trauma work
  • Psychodrama
  • Neuro Linguistic programming
  • DBT
  • CBT
  • Family systems work  

You will also attend intensive family workshops.

Siblings are encouraged to attend, and the focus is on illuminating and healing multi generational family patterns.

Transform your legacy as a parent and reconnect with your daughter in our family workshops.  

The Aspirations

Our Aspirational System inspires students to change by creating a peer culture of support and accountability. Girls have the opportunity to create a foundation of values, morals and a sense of how to have healthy relationships through their work in the Aspirations.

Your daughter will have the opportunity to transform from old habits of self-centeredness to being aware of how her behavior and actions affect those around her.

Group therapy occurs at least four days a week. Some groups are process oriented, meaning that issues that exist in the here and now are dealt with.

Parent & Family Support

Weekly family therapy provides an opportunity to discuss the issues that have arisen during individual therapy, and provides further awareness as to the healing that needs to occur within your entire family system.

If there’s anything that we can recommend to help you “get a good feel” of our therapeutics at Greenbrier, here are three actionable steps we recommend:

  1. Spend time reading through our website.  
  2. Call Us! Tracey, our Admissions Director, would love to answer your questions.
  3. Schedule a tour of campus. You can talk with staff, students and explore our beautiful campus grounds.