Did you know that petting a dog or cat has been shown through research to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, can ease physical pain and can even help in the prevention of strokes?

The physical benefits of having animals around is undeniable. Whether your daughter is struggling with:

  •    Mood disorders related to brain chemistry
  •    Difficulty coping with stress
  •    Emotional trauma  
  •    Physical pain
  •    A delicate immune system
  •    Lack of motivation to exercise

Our animal programs can give your daughter the opportunity to relieve these symptoms and cope with them in healthier ways.

Walking the dogs, spending time in the cat house or engaging in an equine therapy session can:

  •    Motivate her to engage in physical activity
  •    Reduce stress hormones in the brain
  •    Improve immune response
  •    Decrease symptoms due to physical pain
  •    Increase “happy” brain chemicals for improved mood