When you think of where you want your daughter to physically end up by the time she’s an adult, what type of decisions do you think she’s going to make that will impact whether or not that becomes a reality?

Will it be:

  •    the people she meets/seeks out?
  •    whether or not she invested in her talents during school?
  •    what types of books she read?
  •    how her teachers communicated with her?
  •    whether or not she had people in her life she looked up to?

In all likelihood, it will probably end up being a combination of these things. We want your daughter to have every physical opportunity to:

  •    meet inspiring people
  •    read books that inform her about other countries
  •    offer her teachers that will support and inspire her
  •    expand her knowledge of her own gifts

Through offering regular outdoor adventure activities and humanitarian trips on a local and global level, your daughter will have the opportunity to engage in the types of experiences that have a profound influence on the decisions she makes in her life moving forward.

Your daughter will have many moments in her life when she is called upon to make decisions that will serve or take away from her physical well being. Let’s instill a sense of purpose, physical wellness and inspiration in her heart while we still can.