Can you think of the physical changes that would take place in your life, your family’s life, and ultimately your daughter’s life if she had deep rooted beliefs like:

  •   “I am worthy”
  •    “I understand how to tell if someone has my best interest at heart”
  •    “My health is a way for me to love myself”
  •    “I don’t have to suffer…”
  •    “…to be lovable”
  •    “…to have good friends”
  •    “…to be enough”
  •    “…to stay alive”

For most of our students, the Village is an experience to help them identify the subconscious beliefs that have been at the root of their struggles.

It’s a time where life’s deepest questions are able to be explored through discussion, meditations, and therapeutic exercises.

The Village facilitates a tight knit, community oriented environment where students are free from the worldly distractions that prevent personal introspection.

Your daughter’s subconscious beliefs about herself, her life, and the relationships she creates impact:

  •    The friends she chooses
  •    The food she eats
  •    Her physical health and brain chemistry
  •    Her physiology
  • .  ..and every decision she makes that impacts her present and future life.

This is why the Young Women’s Healing Village is at the heart of our therapeutic work at Greenbrier.

The subconscious transformation that happens at our Young Women’s Healing Retreat will impact every aspect of her life moving forward.

We’ve witnessed the power of the Village, and hope someday she can too.

Your daughter deserves to step into her best life, even if she doesn’t believe that yet.