A Peer Culture that Mends the Damage of Pop Culture Trends

As part of our wholistic program, we’ve cultivated a culture where founded in student leaders dedicated to service, meaning, and purpose.

For many of our students, immersion in a positive peer culture can be a therapeutic intervention in itself.

Maybe you’ve noticed your daughter struggling to build healthy friendships.

She might be hanging out with teens you consider a bad influence, isolating, unable to make friends anywhere she goes, and/or glued to her phone

With the addictiveness of social media and its negative impact on mental health, it’s almost impossible for young women to develop self worth, self esteem, and a sense of meaning in life.

Socially, you want your daughter to:

  • feel accepted
  • be surrounded by supportive friends
  • receive encouragement to do well in school
  • communicate with kindness
  • be compassionately held accountable when she’s acting out

It takes work to inspire a student to transform their relational habits for the better.

Motivating your daughter to make new choices might require full immersion in an established positive peer culture.